Thursday 29 April 2021

Helping children with disabilities reach their full potential

Vimbai Jiri *16, from Chimanimani Zimbabwe was born with a deformed left hand. She recently received a trans radial hand from Save the Children and Leonard Cheshire Disability Trust. This is part of the disability support activities which seek to create equal learning opportunities for children with disabilities through provision of assistive devices under the Global Partnership for Education funded education programme.

Friday 27 November 2020

Assisting Schools affected by Cyclone Idai

Thanks to funding from Global Partnership for Education, Garanje School is one of the 141 schools affected by Cyclone Idai which will benefit from the schools rehabilitation programme by Save the Children and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

It Is a win for Children in Zimbabwe!

The president of Zimbabwe last week signed into law the Education Amendment Act of 2020, that outlaws corporal punishment and any forms of discrimination within the school setting, allows pregnant school girls to remain in school, as well as other significant wins for the Zimbabwean child.

Friday 10 July 2020

Meet Eugenia: A Community Hero in the COVID-19 era

Zimbabwe has been in lockdown since the end of March, and all schools were closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To support communities during this period, Save the Children introduced the "Education Cannot Wait" Project in Chitungwiza and Epworth towns, where 200 community facilitators including Eugenia were trained and have been conducting door to door home visits in the community.

Thursday 2 July 2020


Bradley was born with spina bifida, which comes with a range of health complications, including bowel incontinence. He also has a clubfoot, and hydrocephalus, which means he has a shunt (medical device) fixed to his head to drain excess fluid from his head. Due to his condition, Bradley is particularly vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19.