Zimbabwe commemorates Global Action Week for Education

Wednesday 23 May 2018

School children display handmade education messages

“Our mantra, Zimbabwe is Open for Business, should extend to the education sector, for the foundation of every state is the education of its youths and citizens.”

That was the President of Zimbabwe Cede. E.D Mnangagwa in a speech read on his behalf by the  Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Prof. Paul Mavima speaking at the 2018 Global Action Week Commemorations (GAWE), which  were held last Friday at Mt Matedzi Secondary School in Marange District.

This year’s GAWE commemorations were running under the theme “Accountability for SDG 4 and citizen participation with the   slogan which says “keep your promise” which focuses on advocating for increased domestic education financing and reminds the government, donor agencies, civil society organisations, and international organisations to fulfil pledges that they made during the 2018 Global Partnership Education Conference in Dakar, Senegal.

The slogan was also set to remind citizens to fulfil their responsibilities in financing education, for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal number 4 on Quality Education.

Present at the commemorations were high ranking government officials who include the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Prof. Paul Mavima, community leaders, Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations which included Save the Children, students from various schools in Marange, parents and other community members.

The program kicked off with various performances by students, which included poetry and dance followed by remarks from partner representatives who included UNESCO, Education Coalition of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Teachers Union and the Child Member of Parliament. In their remarks, they emphasised the need to unite towards achieving the same goal of providing the highest quality of education for all through providing resources so that children can learn without any hindrances.

The main advocacy points raised this year included improved teacher welfare, addressing equity issues in education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all citizens and many others. These points were driven across to the policy makers through a speech by Munashe Mutsago, who is the Child Member of Parliament and through placards displaying these messages.

Speaking on behalf of the President of Zimbabwe, Prof. Paul Mavima promised that the government would work towards achieving quality education for all children in Zimbabwe and encouraged everyone to support the Government and organisations involved in the education enterprise to make this possible.

“My government will do everything in its power to ensure that inclusive, equitable, quality education is delivered. I, from the onset implore you all to support the Government and organisations involved in the education enterprise, in our different ways, capacities and capabilities so that we leave a legacy and make difference in the lives of our learners.”

He further applauded everyone who is working towards the common good of creating a favourable learning climate for children in Zimbabwe.

“I want to commend the education fraternity in Zimbabwe and our local and international partners for the support that the education system has received. There is commendable team work and unity of purpose which we must all continue to nurture.”

The Global Action Week for Education is observed every year around the world and this year it took place from April 22 to 28.