Educating Children around Zimbabwe about Covid-19 through Radio

Monday 8 June 2020

A Save the Children sponsored radio programme called JuniorZi started airing on ZiFM Stereo recently. It focuses on informing and educating children about Covid-19 whilst helping them understand the importance of adhering to prevention measures such as, hand washing and social distancing, responding to  Covid-19 questions from children, and ultimately helping children to protect themselves.During the programme child friendly Covid-19 related messages are broadcasted, with the passcode for the children calling-in during the programme being #ProtectAGeneration.

The 30-minute programme allows for children to call-in and engage with programme presenter, Auntie Amard on what they would have learnt about Coronavirus during the show or at home. They also ask questions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and request for a song of their choice. Save the Children provided the presenter with child-friendly resource materials on COVID-19 for use on the programme.

In addition, Save the Children’s child friendly Time to Wash audio jingle plays as the billboard for programme. JuniorZi airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 13:30hrs to 14:00hrs on ZiFM Stereo which has a national coverage, as well as on the station’s website and on tune-in.

A banner for the radio programme with Save the Children and ZiFM Stereo logos, has been designed and is being shared on Save the Children and ZiFM Stereo social media pages as well as on WhatsApp.