Safe learning space: A new dawn for learners at Nsungwale school

Friday 10 April 2020

Photo collage shows an unfinished structure, makeshift classroom and a modern block recently completed by Save the Children

Upon arrival at Nsungwale primary school in Binga District of Zimbabwe, one was welcomed by a makeshift structure made of pole and dagga with grass thatching and an unfinished classroom block which had now become an eyesore as it had stood in that state for almost three years.

For years, pupils at Nsungwale primary schools had used the makeshift structure as their classroom. Well, it protected them from the sun but one can only guess what happened when it rained or got too cold as the structure had open areas.

The school was affected by floods which hit Binga district in February this year. The makeshift classroom and children’s books were destroyed, leaving children and teachers with no place to conduct their lessons. After the floods, Save the Children committed to assist the school by completing the unfinished block.Construction workers were contracted and the organization provided  roofing material, cement, doorframes, window frames, paint and window panes among other required materials. Within a space of one month, the classroom block consisting of two classrooms and teacher’s offices was complete. 

Apart from rehabilitating the classroom block, Save the Children installed a 5000 litre water tank at the school and a solar system to power the borehole pump as well as establishing three water points within the school.

A solar powered borehole supplies water to water points established around the school

Approaching the school, one is now welcomed by a complete modern classroom block. It really is a new dawn for learners at Nsungwele primary school as they now have a safe learning space and access to clean drinking water.