Impacts of Covid-19 on African Children

Monday 8 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented with the virus spreading in almost all countries in the world. In Africa, all 54 out 55 countries have reported at least one COVID-19 infection. While confirmed COVID-19 cases on the continent remain relatively low- partly attributable to early and decisive action taken by many African governments as well as a youthful population – the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Africa hard, not only as a health crisis but also as a devastating socio-economic crisis that may persist over the months and years to come.

 Save the Children and the African Union launched a policy paper ­titled “COVID-19 Impacts on African Children: How to protect a generation” today. The policy paper underscores that, although children do not represent a high-risk group for direct COVID-19 fatality, the pandemic poses far-reaching secondary impacts that heighten risks to African children’s rights and wellbeing. Read report below:

 Impacts of Covid-19 on African children.(PDF)