Safeguarding lives of mothers and their babies

Monday 30 September 2019

 Save the Children has been supporting health facilities in Chipinge and Chimanimani Districts of Zimbabwe through providing food, beds, blankets for use by mothers at the Waiting Mothers Shelters.

Lucia Gulugulu, a nurse-in-charge at Ngorima Clinic in Chimanimani highlighted that the assistance rendered by Save the Children has contributed to the increase in the number of mothers who come to stay at the shelter whilst waiting for their day of delivery.

The additional beds at the Waiting Mother’s Shelters have helped to increase the Shelter’s capacity, thereby contributing to the promotion of institutional deliveries, as well as helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Lucia Gulugulu the Nurse in Charge at Ngorima Clinic shows some of the beds and blankets  which they received from Save the Children“The food we were given by Save the Children has really assisted our clinic. They gave us maize-meal powder, sugar beans, dried fish and cooking oil.  More expecting mothers are now coming to wait for their delivery day here at the clinic. Before the donation, they had to bring food from their homes and because if this most women would end up staying at home as they cannot not afford buying food to bring to the shelter and some to leave at home."

“We were also given 5 beds, blankets and baby blankets and this has enabled us to accommodate more mothers here at our clinic. Previously we only had four beds and some mothers had to sleep on the floor. Sometimes it gets really cold in this area and mothers who sleep on floors are at risk of contracting flu. The support from Save the Children will go a long way in assisting the expecting mothers who come to our shelter."

“The past situation led to many home and road deliveries as some mothers would not make it to the clinic as they would wait until their delivery day, this is now a thing of the past,” Gulugulu explained.

Save the Children also spoke to Tapiwa Mashava (23) who had just given birth to a bouncing baby girl at Junction Gate clinic in Chipinge. She was happy that she had delivered her baby safely and she thanked Save the Children for donating beds and blankets for use at the clinic.

“I came here 10 days ago and I safely delivered my baby today. I thank Save the Children for giving the clinic beds and blankets. Since the day I came, I have been sleeping on a bed and its more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. After delivering my baby I got really cold but I was given more blankets and I felt better,” said Tapiwa.

Tapiwa Mashava holds her newly born baby at  Junction Gate ClinicMost villages in Chipinge District are far from the clinics and transport is not always available. It is therefore important for expecting mothers to go and wait for their delivery date whilst at the shelters to ensure safe deliveries.

Under the Cyclone Idai emergency response programme, Save the Children has supported 63 rural clinics in Chipinge and Chimanimani districts with food, WASH related non-food items, blankets and beds.